Introducing ‘Mind’ — The Mental Health Charity

Mental health problems are much more common than most people think.

In the United Kingdom, about 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental health issue each year, with only 25% obtaining the support they need.

The most common illnesses experienced by people in the UK include generalised anxiety, depression, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

These conditions can negatively affect all aspects of a person’s life including their career, relationships, and social life.

Fortunately, there is help available from doctors, therapists, online communities, and non-profit organisations like Mind.

Mind is the UK’s leading non-profit organisation for mental health.  

The organisation provides free advice and support to anyone suffering from a mental health problem.

They also work in the community to raise awareness of mental health issues.

What is Mind’s mission?

Mind’s mission is to “provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.”

The organisation has identified six goals which go toward fulfilling this mission:

Staying well

Supporting people who are likely to develop mental health problems.

Empowering choice

Empower people who experience a mental health problem to make informed choices about how they live and recover.

Improving services and support

Ensure people get the right services and support at the right time to help their recovery and enable them to live with their mental health problem.

Enabling social participation

Open the doors to people with experience of mental health problems participating fully in society.

Removing inequality of opportunity

Gain equality of treatment for people who experience both mental health and other forms of discrimination.

Organisational excellence

Make the most of our assets by building a culture of excellence.

What services does Mind provide?

Mind offers a wide range of services to help people learn more about mental illness and obtain the help they need.

Their services include:

Mental health information and support

Mind provides highly detailed information on various topics relating to mental illness.

This includes information about:

  •   Different types of mental illnesses
  •   How to help a person with a mental illness
  •   Services and support that are available for people with mental health issues
  •   The legal rights of mentally ill people in the workplace
  •   Different drugs and treatments that are available
  •   Tips for dealing with a mental illness on a day-to-day basis

They make it as easy as possible for the anyone concerned about their mental health to obtain support, with three helplines available:

Mind Infoline

This helpline provides information on a broad range of topics including the types of mental health issues, how to get professional help, and the different types of treatments that are available.

To use the Mind Infoline, Call 0300 123 3393, Email, or Text: 86463.

Legal Line

This services provides information relating to mental health law to help callers understand their legal rights.

To use the Legal Line, Call 0300 466 6463 or Email

Blue Light Infoline

This service provides information for families, volunteers, and emergency service staff.

This includes information on mental health problems, how to get help, treatments that are available, and how to stay mentally healthy.

To use the Blue Light Infoline, Call 0300 303 5999 (local rates), Email or Text: 84999.

Local Minds

Mind provides support directly to those in need via their network of 135 Local Minds.

Local Minds are locally run organisations which provide mental health services and support to the community where they are based.

Professional Training

Mind provides training and consultancy for organisations to help them end discrimination and to promote good mental health in the workplace.

Services include workplace training to develop mentally healthy offices, applied suicide intervention skills, and Mental Health First Aid.

Campaigning and fundraising

Mind actively campaigns for better mental health awareness, improved mental health services, and more rights for the mentally ill.

Mind campaigns are spearheaded by comedian, writer and actor Stephen Fry, who is the president of the organisation.

His profile helps to improve the profile of the organisation and helps with campaigning efforts.

The organisation raises funds through grants, donations, raffles, events, legacies, and profits from their shops.

How did Mind originate?

Mind was established in 1946 as the National Association for Mental Health (NAMH).  

It was created by the merging of three other mental health organisations — the  Central Association for Mental Welfare, the National Council for Mental Hygiene, and the Child Guidance Council.

In 1971, NAMH launched the MIND campaign to clarify its policies and to attract funding.

It was a very successful campaign and the next year the organisation changed its name to Mind.

Over the years, Mind has run dozens of successful awareness campaigns and fundraising events.

Mind has played a significant role in shaping policy relating to mental illness and has helped millions of people.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a mental illness or is at risk of developing a mental illness, contact the Mind Helpine today via telephone on 0300 123 3393 or via email at

If you want to work with Mind in another capacity (fundraising, improving mental health support in your workplace, obtaining legal advice) you can contact the organisation via telephone on 029 2039 5123 or email at

author: Stephen Coleclough

Stephen Coleclough is a leading international and domestic tax consultant who specialises in solving complex problems. As well as advising on tax matters, Stephen also enjoys exploring topics relating to physical and mental wellbeing. You can follow him on Twitter at SColeclough.


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